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First Birthday Photography | Raleigh | Dixon’s Cake Smash Sneak Peek

First birthday cake smash sessions are the best. Especially when the subjects are so cute!

Cake Smash

I loved the theme, Where the Wild Things Are. This theme has become so popular in cake smash sessions in the recent year or so. It has been especially popular for boys. Here is a sneak into a session from this summer HERE. They are such cute sessions. Each of them are so different.

1st Birthday Photographer

What made this session so cute was the crown on top of the cake. It was made with gold fondant and to be honest, he liked the crown way more than he liked the cake as a whole. As soon as he took off the crown we tried to get him to wear during the cake smash, he took to the crown on the cake. He broke it apart, chewed on it and also rubbed the gold fondant all over himself. It was really funny to watch him.

Raleigh Cake Smash PhotographyHolly Springs NC PhotographerHolly Springs NC Photographer

The cake was chocolate and smelled so so yummy. The great news for mommy, daddy and his big sister – there was plenty of cake after the session to take home and enjoy. I was just left with the smell of cake! Haha!


In Home Newborn Photography | Raleigh NC | Fitzpatrick


In home newborn photography is becoming more and more popular. More clients are looking for a session that is less posed and more natural. This is especially helpful when you have a beautiful nursery to showcase. In this case, there was a beautiful gold crib. I am in love with the crib sheet… white with gold polka dots.

Raleigh Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerLifestyle Newborn Photographer Raleigh


These lifestyle newborn sessions are much easier for families, especially families in which there is a big brother or sister. In home sessions allow for more flexibility while the toddler sibling is adjusting to having decided attention. We allow the siblings to participate as they want rather than being rushed and forced. In this session, it worked out perfectly. We were able to get some family photos at the very beginning and then let big brother come in towards the end.

Holly Springs NC Photographer


With this session mommy was able to get her wedding dress out so that it could be a part of the newborn session. The dress was stunning…. it was a blush pink with beautiful details. It really matched this sweet girls skin tones. Pink is absolutely one of her power colors.

Raleigh In Home Newborn PhotographerDaughter and dress photographyNewborn Photographer Holly Springs NCLifestyle Newborn Photographer Holly Springs

It was so much fun to work with this family again. I worked with them a little less than a year ago for big brothers first birthday family and cake smash session. And to think that he is already a big brother is just awesome!! He will get the hang of it in no time at all.

Cake Smash Photographer in Raleigh, NC 


Raleigh Cake Smash Photographer


It was a very busy holiday season. I finally have some time to be able to start blogging and being able to share what I was up to from September through December. Although I was so very busy with family sessions, I had so much fun also shooting so many cake smash sessions. I am really excited to be able to share some of the “sweetness” with you all.


This is one of those cake smash sessions. Meet Leila! She is was so very shy and a little off guard with the cake smash. When this happens, and it does a lot, we let them decide the pace of the session. Sure, would we want them to dive in and love every second of it? Of course!! But when it doesn’t, we let them decide the pace. And they always come around.


The first cake smash we had scheduled, she started too feel under the weather a few days before the session. Mommy did exactly what I ask all of my clients to do, reschedule when the baby is sick. This not only protects all other babies and children that come into the studio, but it allows us to get better quality images form the session. And let’s be honest, NOBODY wants to be in front of the camera when they are sick.


We were so happy that we waited a little over a week… when she was feeling completely herself. During the cake smash, she continued to watch me and the camera… making for some precious, and honest shots.

The cake smash colors were gold, teal and purple. We were able to tie her cute lavender and gold polka dot outfit, that her mommy found on Etsy with a custom made paper banner, also from Etsy.


The cake for this cake smash was made by Baked By Billie. She delivers cake smashes directly to the studio. This is perfect for all Raleigh cake smash sessions.


Raleigh Cake Smash PhotographerHolly Springs NC PhotographerCake Smash PhotographerRaleigh Cake Smash Photographer



First Birthday Cake Smash Session | Maxwell | Blue Cake Smash

First birthday cake smash sessions are, without a doubt my absolute favorite sessions. I have photographers say to me on a regular basis, “I don’t know how you do so many cakes sessions. I really don’t like them at all. They are too stressful”. I always respond with “that is why I don’t do your type of photography.” I truly believe that we all have our talents and our favorite sessions, I find it hard to understand how this much cuteness isn’t fun for others. I mean, look at Maxwell’s cake smash! Look how cute he is.

First birthday photography cake smashRaleigh Cake Smash PhotographerFirst birthday photography

Just like almost all babies who start out on their cake smash session, he was slow to get into it. But once he got into it he was a natural… And he ate as much as his cheeks couldn’t hold.

birthday photographer RaleighFirst birthday Photographer Cake SmashCake smash photographer Raleigh

Isn’t that bowtie so precious on him?? He got through the whole cake smash without even getting a crumb on it. I am not sure exactly how he did it, magic, I guess… because he got cake every where else… especially his toes.

Boy cake smashMany times during the first birthday cake smash session, it is almost  rite of passage to have their tiny toes covered in frosting. Once that happens, the baby becomes one with the cake and then it is smooth sailing from that point forward.

I really loved the shades of blue both on this delicious looking cake with the banner. It helped contrast the blue and marry them together. This cake was designed, baked and delivered by a local Holly Springs baker, Baked by Billie. I frequently work with this baker because she offers the delivery service and uses local farmed eggs and the finest ingredients in every item she makes. She also works hard to make sure we are all on the same page with colors to be able to have the sessions look as great as this.

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