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Every cake smash that we shoot here at the studio in Holly Springs, is unique… And it should be because every baby is unique. This Little birthday boy was no exception to that rule. His mommy wanted to do a special session incorporated airplanes into the cake smash. When I saw a photo of this adorable cake that the mom had submitted to the baker, I knew that it was going to be different and I welcomed the challenge.

At first he was extremely apprehensive about what to do with this beautiful cake that sat before him. He thought that it was interesting and was definitely intrigued. After Henry got used to this new idea of the cake smash, he tore into the cake ripping it apart, almost clawing at it. It was hilarious to watch. I just started laughing at it as I reflect back. Clearly, he knew we were entertained by our laughs… and he laughed back at us.

NC Cake Smash Photography session

As always we used a local baker to ensure this cake was perfect. This time the mommy selected Baked by Billie right here in Holly Springs. It was a beautiful aqua color with white clouds, a red ribbon and a fun airplane on top. Henry didn’t trash the whole cake so we were able to package it back up and send home with mommy for possible dessert later on. I always think that’s a big win.

Cake smash session

Some of the birthday babies that I photograph for cake smashes are extremely mobile. Some of them sit down for the whole cake smash… This little guy loved to get around the setup, and that mobility made a huge mess! That is also what helped make this session so fun and so cute.

Being that this weekend is Memorial Day, I figured this red, white and blue theme would be perfect to feature on the blog. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of Henry’s cake smash as much as I loved documenting it.

Cake Smash photographerHolly Springs NC Photographer

Raleigh Family Photographer | Cake Smash Photography | Cohen Sneak Peek




Sometimes a cake smash session is a slam dunk and the birthday baby is all hands on deck for cake, and even more cake. And the rest of the time the birthday baby wants nothing to do with the cake. This dapper birthday boy was part of the latter. Haha. I will say it’s not for a lack of trying on mommy’s part. Mommy picked this guy up, got covered in frosting herself and even ate some cake to try and get him to take part.

Nope! He wasn’t having it. (Not even when we tried ice cream). Haha.


I absolutely loved the set up for this cake smash session. I loved the colors in the backdrop. Mommy was able to use these adorable tribal banners with bright blue and aqua shades with a splash of gold. This made for a great background. The brightness of those really helped bring out the color is those baby blue eyes of his. No, I did not edit the eyes in his photos. They are THAT blue. His eyes were so captivating and at certain angles they were almost like bright blue lights.

I found this perfect cake stand at Pier 1 in Holly Springs, NC the day before his cake smash. I was looking for a wooden cake stand for months. I am sure to support other small local businesses, especially when it comes to my cake smash photography sessions. I allow my clients to pick from a list of bakers and reach out to them to see who is the best for for my client. Some of the bakers I use even deliver the cake to my photography studio here in Holly Springs. This simple white  cake was baked and decorated by a local baker, Wendy’s Confections & Cake Shop.

It was so fun to work with this little guy. He was so cute and so sweet…. none of that changes when the little one doesn’t like cake. Sometimes, using this session as an example, it makes them even cuter!

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At first, This little birthday girl was apprehensive about her cake.. She kept her pretty little eyes on me and the camera for most of her session.

Holly Sprigs NC Photographer | Cake Smash Photography | Skinner


Although she started off slow, she eventually got the hang of it.. And then got a little more messy, had a few more smiles, and got a lot more sugar! One of the things that we all thought was really funny, was the way she took these little tiny bites… Then open her mouth so big, almost as she was eating a huge cheeseburger. It was the cutest thing.

Holly Springs NC Photographer

Once she got the hang of it…. She really enjoyed herself.

Cake Smash photographer

We wanted to design the cake smash that had a lot of pretty pastel colors. Her mommy made the tutu with light pastel tule. The cake was a pretty pastel rainbow ruffle. Because of the light colors, I decided to go with a darker and more bold backdrop along with this beautiful aqua colored cake stand. Picking the perfect cake stand can sometimes be one of the most important decisions when designing the cake smash photography session. Initially we were considering a silver cake stand, but just to give a little more color we opted with the aqua one.

Cake Smash photographer Raleigh

She definitely seemed very hungry, but I don’t think she wanted to ruin her lunch by eating too much cake. Haha! She was kind of dainty, and conservative with her little cake bites. But nonetheless she got the job done. She got just a little bit messy but tons of absolutely adorable!

Raleigh Cake Smash

It is usually evident when they’re all done with her cake smash.. We call it a wrap and start cleanup. After we thought she was way done with her cake smash, mommy and daddy began to prepare to clean her up, which is kind of a big job. Then she decided she wanted more cake… Daddy was happy to help. It was really such a cute photo opportunity, I picked up my camera quickly and was able to get a few shots like this. It was so stinkin cute! Don’t you think?

Cake smash Raleigh

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Recently there have been so many little girls in the studio for their first birthday and cake smash photo shoots. Although this is a session for both boys and girls, I think we tend to forget how cute little boys cake smash sessions are. It was so much fun watching this ADORABLE 1st birthday boy smash into his cake.

First birthday cake smash photography

I loved the green, not only because green is my favorite color but because it was so colorful and was a perfect accent color.

cake smash

When a cake smash session starts we have a beautiful set up. The backdrop is clear, the cake is carefully placed on the cake stand with absolute precision and care, the birthday baby is given a careful look over to check for any boogers, milk or scratches and within seconds we have a beautiful mess. And it sure is beautiful.

Studio Photographer Raleigh

Holly Springs NC Photographer

When this little man was having his cake smash, he loved playing with the frosting, then eating it. At one point he grabbed as much frosting as his little hand could hold (and then some) and tried to let it go. Instead the frosting stayed in his hand and he looked like he has a Hulk fist! Haha! It was so funny and so very cute.

Here is a sneak peek from his cake smash session. Enjoy the sweetness!

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