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Raleigh Family Photographer | Mathews Newborn Photography Sneak Peek

Family Photographer doing newborn photography in Raleigh NC

Whatever you do, do not believe this photo above is any representation of this little man’s newborn photography session. When mommy and daddy brought him into the studio for his photo shoot, he was sleeping peacefully. Not even the sounds of his two big brothers could wake him up! Normally my sessions start with the family pictures including siblings, but in this case I am so glad that we switched it up. In fact, he was awake for almost ALL of his newborn session. Luckily for us we were able to get a couple of photos before we woke the lion!

Holly Springs North Carolina newborn photographer

This little guy was going through a growth spurt which is very common shortly after a newborn arrives. And this little guy was in the peak of his growth spurt. All he really wanted to do was eat and then watch to see what I was doing. He was really good baby! He was having a great time being entertained by me.

Awake newborn baby in basket

As you can see he was not just a little awake, dozing off from moment to moment… But he was bright blue-eyed and completely alert! I didn’t mind it one bit because I got to see his beautiful eyes! He really watch me and everything I was doing.

Holly Springs newborn photographer

With newborns when they are awake, we are somewhat limited as to what we can do during the session. This little boy was not only wide-awake but he loved to squirm out of the swaddled I felt sure he would not be able to get out of, and made lots of cute little baby sounds. Mommy and I worked patiently with him trying to get him to sleep for almost three hours. For the first time, the baby won and didn’t get any sleep during his newborn photography shoot. We had to make sure that we incorporated his daddy’s favorite NFL football team, the Washington Redskins. Again he was wide awake but we were able to get the shot!!

Newborn photo idea for Washington Redskins

I had so much fun working with him. I hope that he learns the ropes very quickly from his older brothers!

Jonas Maternity Photography Sneak Peek | Raleigh, NC


It has been so much fun photographing all of these maternity sessions here in the Raleigh area. After a long run of the families expecting a baby boys, I’m finally seeing some more pink!!

Maternity photographer Raleigh NC


We were able to have this maternity photography session on an early morning during the week. We could not have ordered better weather for another session at the beautiful Jeffrey Sugg Farm in Holly Springs North Carolina, just outside of Raleigh!! Being that we had so much rain of recently, everything is perfectly lush in green!

Maternity photography session Raleigh

I am so excited for this soon-to-be family of four!! Mommy and daddy are so loving to one anotherAs well as their  beautiful daughter who is quite excited to be a big sister!

Here is a quick sneak peek of just a few of their shots from there maternity photography session.

Holly Springs NC Sugg Farm Family Photography

Maternity photograph with ultrasound, Raleigh

Raleigh Family Photographer | Hart Maternity Photography | Sugg Farm, Holly Springs

I was so very excited then the rain stopped just long enough for us to finish this beautiful maternity session in Holly Springs, North Carolina at the beautiful Sugg Farm outside of Raleigh. When I say the rain just stopped long enough, the words could not be more truer. It stopped raining just a couple of hours prior to our session, inserted raining again about two hours after the maternity session.

maternity photo with dogs

One of the things that I love most with maternity sessions is incorporating siblings including the four-legged ones! The four-legged babies in this picture are going to make great protectors for their brand new baby sister. They were so well behaved, which is really hard to do at this location because it is so dog friendly. They cooperated for each pose that we had them in! It was so much fun working with them!!

Funny maternity photography

One of the other great things that I loved about working with this expecting couple, was there sense of humor and the way that they were so laid back. Then mom busted out with this hilarious sticker! I laughed so hard and continue to do so as I look over their photos! Soon to be daddy is a little more reserved, but he joined in on the fun for this picture. You can’t help but to laugh!!!

Maternity photography at farm in Raleigh NC

And look at this gorgeous mommy to be!! Seriously could she be anymore beautiful? No, we did not have a fan to blow her hair away from her face like that.. That was mother nature’s way of showing us her true beauty.. And making all of us other mommies jealous!

Together as a couple they are just so sweet, so in love, and so excited to meet their baby girl!! They made it very difficult to narrow it down to a few photos for the sneak peek.

Holly Springs maternity photography

Maternity photography outdoorsSugg Farm, Holly Springs Maternity photo

Rachel’s Senior Portrait Sneak Peek | Holly Springs High School | Class of 2016


Rachel was so fun to work with the day of her senior portrait session at the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, NC.

Holly Springs High School in Raleigh NC

Rachel is so upbeat and so positive she kind of contagious! And her smile is so sweet and so genuine, I don’t think she can ever take a bad photo.

Holly Springs NC Senior Portraits

The weather was absolutely perfect for her senior pictures! Everything was a perfect shade of green and the it was pretty colorful as well!!

Senior pictures for Holly Springs High School in NC

Congratulations to Rachel on your high school graduation from Holly Springs High School. The class of 2016 was lucky to have had you in their class everyday!

Holly Springs North Carolina photographer, senior photographyHolly Springs NC Senior PicturesSenior pictures

Raleigh First Birthday Photographer | Cake Smash Photography | Sarah May Turns One!

This is Sarah May! She is about as precious as can be!! With her beautiful blonde hair, captivating blue eyes, a perfect complexion of ivory skin, a smile that lights up the room, chunky rolls everywhere and that beautiful blonde hair makes you just want to snuggle her and love on her all day long. But one thing I can do is assure you that if a cake is in the room when you want to snuggle with her, she is probably going to choose the cake. And just for the record, her daddy is going to have a hard time keeping those boys away!! Haha!

Pink and gold cake smash photography


At first she was a little bit intimidated with this beautiful pink and pale cake in front of her… But as soon as she got that first taste of frosting on her lips there was no turning back, cake everywhere. And she didn’t mind it one single bit!! In fact it’s exactly what made her cake smash photography session so very beautiful and so very fun. I think the fun stopped when mommy had to clean up the frosting that had gotten in between every finger and toe of her cute little birthday self.


first birthday photography with cake smash


During part of her cake smash session she was a little bit apprehensive as to what was going on. The smiles were almost begged for.. both mommy and me were singing and clapping away up into she started to smile when she started smiling we knew we were all having too much fun. She really is such a fun little girl that is full of life and cute smiles and sugar… FILLED with sugar!


Cake smash photo for girl in Raleigh NC




T&T Photography offers first birthday and cake smash sessions all custom designed to meet our clients vision of the session. These sessions are typically scheduled to photograph between 11 and 13 months depending on the clients requests and needs.

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