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Raleigh first birthday photographerFirst Birthday Photographer | Cake Smash Photography | Holly Springs NC


I love my job! I get to work with the Raleigh area’s most adorable babies, and capture the special moments like a first birthday! And the best way to do this is through a fun and colorful cake smash session.

I love so many things from this cake smash session. Clearly, that list of things I love starts with how adorable Layla is. Those chubby cheeks, big brown Bambi eyes and those baby rolls that I just want to squeeze….. but of course, I don’t!

Raleigh cake smash photographer

I loved the colors that her mommy picked out. Pink, gold and this beautiful mint color. At first I was a little concerned with how the mint colored tutu may photograph, but it was awesome!! The fluffier the tutu the better!

Raleigh first birthday photographer


Each cake smash session is different… not just the way we design it… but the way that the baby takes to this fun shoot. You can watch how this cake smash went down from the Facebook live video we took. You can check that out HERE. We wanted to make sure we streamed this so mommy could watch while she was out of town on a business trip. One of the things so many people commented about what how sweet her daddy was. He is clearly the apple of his eye.

After getting Layla comfortable in the studio in front of the cake, she took to the smash perfectly… and enjoyed every bite she could fit into those cheeks of hers. Sometimes even smashing the cake into her mouth. Haha!


Raleigh first birthday photographerRaleigh cake smash photographerRaleigh cake smash photographerRaleigh cake smash photographer

I always tell my clients that I know when the little ones are done with the cake smash session… they make it pretty obvious that they are done.. Layla was no exception to this point. When she was all done she through her chubby arms in the air! Really, how cute is this?

Raleigh first birthday photographer


A special shout out to Baked by Billie for this adorable cake!


Want to see another recent first birthday, cake smash session? Check it out HERE. 

Newborn Photographer | Raleigh NC

I was so excited for this family when the contacted me to tell me that baby number two was going to be coming into the world. I was so excited for Rose, who I knew would be a great big sister. In fact, she seems to be wearing the title like a badge of honor. She didn’t even mind sharing the spotlight. I am so very proud of her.


Holly Springs NC Newborn Photographer

This family is going clllllllll-right!

Holly Springs NC Newborn Photographer

I loved this mommy and baby boy photo. It is so very peaceful and special. Being that Wes slept for his entire session, getting these beautiful newborn shots was easy as pie.

Holly Springs NC Photographer

He was so sleepy and snuggly, and he was so very agreeable to me moving his hands around.

Raleigh Newborn Photographer

A sleep hat was perfect and an absolute must for this sleepy baby.

Affordable Newborn PhotographerHolly Springs Photographer


If you are interested in affordable newborn photography, make sure you contact us to schedule your session.

Raleigh Maternity Photographer | Squillini Sneak Peek | Sugg Farm, Holly Springs NC

I could not be happier for this soon to be mommy and daddy. I have been working with them over the last few years starting with engagement photography and now maternity photos! They are going to make such wonderful parents in the most loving way imaginable.

Raleigh Maternity Photographer


In the summer months, we never know how hot it may be for an outdoor session. And we really never know if its going to rain, especially this summer. But the weather held out for us for this session and we hung out in the shade the entire time.

Raleigh Maternity Photographer


Mommy to be was just glowing… between her skin and her smile… she helps define that term pregnancy glow. That glow really helped the color of her maternity dress pop. It paired perfectly with the navy blue that soon to be daddy was wearing.


Raleigh Maternity Photographer


It is so hard to believe or maybe hard to imagine that these little shoes will be filled with tiny baby toes in just a few weeks. But he won’t be in those shoes for long…. and before you know it he will be following his daddy’s football footsteps.

Raleigh Maternity Photographer


Rachel and Anthony have such a special relationship. They have so much love, respect and adoration of each other that it makes it so lovely to be around them… even in the hot heat of the summer.

Raleigh Maternity Photographer


This daddy cannot wait to meet his little man!

Raleigh Maternity Photographer


Rachel and Anthony will love this baby like nothing they have ever experienced.

Raleigh Maternity PhotographerRaleigh Maternity PhotographerRaleigh Maternity Photographer


But, then there is this…. I am not sure how this is going to all work out when it comes to football season. It looks like UNC and NC State play later this fall on November 24th… we should all check on them and ask for updates. I wonder how many quick jersey changes will happen when one of these parents is out of the room. Haha!


Raleigh Maternity PhotographerRaleigh Maternity Photographer


Holly Springs NC Photographer | Family Photography | Mommy and Me Session

Mother & Daughter sessions are now available. This is a perfect way to document the special bond between a mother and child. As a Holly Springs NC photographer, I have the pleasure of working with many families over the course of several years. This family is no exception to the rule. What made this photo shoot different is that this was a mommy and me session. Well, this one I call a Mother & Daughter Session.

Raleigh NC Family Photographer


These sessions are a little smoother than most family sessions… not only because there are less people, but because there is an overall feeling of peace and joy. It allows me to focus on the natural beauty of the unique bond. There was laughter, joy, love and red lipstick!

We photographed this beautiful session in the late afternoon at Sugg Farm, located in Holly Springs, NC. This is one of my favorite locations… and for a long list of reasons. A lot of it has to do with the beautiful natural and charming landscapes. I loved that we were able to take advantage of the high grass area for some of our session.

Mommy and me photography RaleighMommy and me photography Raleigh


After we were all done playing in the high grass area… mommy broke out the red lipstick. It seems like the lipstick made everything brighter! The red lipstick matched the red dresses perfectly. Almost as if they were made for each other. I am kind of obsessed with these shots I took as mom applied the red to her daughters lips.

Holly Springs NC Photographer

As soon as the red lipstick was on, the whole mood changed… I mean, what girl doesn’t feel amazing in red lipstick?

I am hopeful that this mother and daughter will forever cherish not only these portraits but the memories they made during the session. I know I will forever remember it.


Holly Springs NC Photographer

Yes, that is 100% pure cuteness! Talk about a girl cake smash y’all!!

Cake Smash Photography | 1st Birthday Photographer | Baby Girl Beck

First birthday photographer

Everything about Hannah’s cake smash session was girly and beautiful! Everything from the blush pink dress with a precious puffy tutu skirt, to the satin sash on her belt that matched the satin ribbon placed on the cake, to the fancy silver cake stand with jewels draping on the side, to the ombre pink and cream buttercream frosting on the cake, to the pinks and textures in the banner… it was wonderful!


Raleigh Cake Smash Photographer

This cake smash session was inspired by a previous cake smash session I did a few months ago. That session can be found here. The cake for the smash session was made by the same baker, Baked by Billie. The difference in the cakes is merely a different bow.

Cake SmashRaleigh first birthday photographerRaleigh first birthday photographerOnce she started to get used to the frosting on the cake, she was so playful and so stinkin’ cute! If you look closely at the photo above, she was crawling with handful of cake.

Raleigh Cake Smash PhotographerCake Smash Photographer RaleighFirst birthday photography


The other striking feature this sweet little girl has are those piercing blue eyes. Not one of these photos included any editing of the eyes. They are just that blue .And her eyelashes go on for miles.

Affordable cake smash

One of the funniest things was when she would lose a chuck of cake that she had grabbed from the cake in the tutu. Its didn’t stop her from grabbing another handful and trying again.


I had so much fun documenting this first birthday with this cake smash session for this little girl.

Holly Springs NC Maternity photography

Maternity Photographer | Holly Springs NC | Sugg Farm

I have been swooning over this maternity photography session. The weather head up for us as much as it could have. It was really hot and muggy out but we made it and the final maternity photos made all that sweating well worth it.

These expecting parents can’t wait to meet their son who will be here any day now. He is going to be surrounded by love. When you look at these photos, you see love… you feel love. Dad in completely in love with the mommy and you can see in his eyes how in love with mommy he is.

Raleigh NC Maternity Photographer


I loved how down to earth this mommy is. She is truly so sweet. There is no doubt this totally in love couple will make wonderful parents.

Holly Springs NC PhotographerBest Raleigh Maternity Photographers

Maternity Session Details

We had this session in the evening. Scheduling the session for this time of day allows us to take advantage of some beautiful light. It also gets us some slightly cooler temperatures, usually a little breeze that makes everything so much more manageable. Another great aspect of having the session during the golden hour is that we can pretty much stay in the shade for the majority of the shoot.

We shot this session at Sugg Farm in Holly Springs, NC. Holly Springs is located about 20 minutes south west of Raleigh, NC. Being that these expecting parents and I both reside in Holly Springs, it only made sense to schedule the session so we could all stay local.

Maternity Photographer Raleigh


I thought that the photo above was great. mom picked some newborn shoes that coordinate perfectly with what mommy and daddy were wearing for the session.

Now that the maternity session is all set, we are all waiting for your arrival little man! I cannot wait to have him in my arms to snuggle for his highly anticipated newborn session after he gets here.

First Birthday Photographer | Flynn’s Cake Smash Sneak Peek

First birthday and cake smash photography is a specialty here at T&T Photography. They are fun. And I have made the process so easy, that my clients hire me to do all of their children cake smashes.

First birthday Photographer Raleigh

2 years ago I photographed this little guys big brother, William… Now it’s Flynn’s turn! And he showed off with his cake smash cuteness… just a little bit.

Just like most cake smashes sessions start, he was a little confused but very intrigued with this idea of eating this delicious cake. Once he got into it, he wanted to share…. which is one of the cutest things the little ones do. They are too young to be stingy with that deliciousness. It was really funny when he grabbed a handful of cake and moved his full hand towards me. I think he really wanted me to eat it. Haha!

Cake Smash photographer Raleigh NCCake Smash photographer Raleigh NC

We kept Flynn’s cake smash simple, with just using orange and navy blue. As you can see he started the cake smash with a bowtie but it kept falling off, so we took it off for the rest of his first birthday cake smash session. It’s almost as if the bowtie was a distraction, because once the bowtie came off, the party started. He got into it.

I thought it was especially cute when he walked towards me with a big flirty smile and a handful of cake. And he tried to work his blue eyes on me too.

Raleigh first birthday photographerCake Smash photographer

Sometimes there isn’t any cake left to send back home… Luckily, Flynn didn’t damage his cake so much that he couldn’t take some home for his brother who didn’t come to the session. I am sure that William appreciated it once he got home from school. I was hopeful we could send some home, but it was ultimately up to Flynn and how much of an appetite he had.



Cake Smash Photographer | 1st Birthday Photography | Allie’s Happy Camper Sneak Peek

As soon as I heard about this fun cake smash theme that mom shared with me… I jumped with excitement. I couldn’t wait.

The teepee in this session was the same teepee we used for her lifestyle newborn session a year ago!

Logistically, this cake smash was a little harder to figure out. I was very concerned that the cake could ruin the teepee and I surely didn’t want that to happen. It is a big prop to be used in the cake smash session, again, something I was a little worried about. But I never had any doubt that it would be able to be done and done well.

I think that mommy did a great job making this light pink cake. Mom was confident that she was going to be able to make the cake and get it here to the studio. Luckily, they live in Holly Springs and there was not a long transport of the cake. With that pink cake, I knew we needed to have some pink flowers. I spent a great deal of time looking for flowers that would match her floral headband. After 2 hours of searching, I picked these up at Micheals. In my search, I found this beautiful garland that you can see at the very top of the opening of the teepee.

Cake Smash PhotographerCake Smash Photographer Raleigh NCFirst Birthday Photographer RaleighRaleigh cake smash photographer


Each and ever cake smash and first birthday session is different. I try and get a clear understanding of moms (or in rare cases dads) vision to help come up with something unique. A different twist, whether its with different flowers, cakes or combinations, every experience is different.

If you have a little one getting ready to celebrate a first birthday, make sure you consider a 1st birthday cake smash session  session for them. You won’t regret it… but you will probably regret not doing it.