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I cannot believe that Bella is getting ready to celebrate her first birthday already!! It seems like just yesterday that I was at the WRAL Azalea Gardens photographing her mommy, daddy and bog brother for their maternity session.

Raleigh NC Maternity PhotographerIf you want to take a trip down memory lane and see the blog from the maternity session, click HERE. They were over the moon with excitement to meet her.

Raleigh Baby Photographer

Not too long after that we were shooting the newborn session after she arrived with a full head of beautiful, silky, dark hair. If you want to see a glimpse of her newborn session, you can see it by clicking HERE.

Needless to say, I was caught a little off gaurd when Bella’s mommy reached out to schedule her first birthday session. I was even more excited when we were talking and I found out she didn’t lose any of those locks from when she was born! THEN, I was even more excited when she sent me some cake smash inspiration. I knew the colors purple and aqua were going to be just perfect with her police skin tones and dark hair. I mean look at the cuteness!


Raleigh NC 1st birthday Photographer


She was so cute taking little tastes at a time. She got the hang of the cake smash after a few minutes…. after some coaching from her mommy and me. Haha!


Raleigh NC 1st birthday Photographer


The cake was designed and made by the fabulous, Baked by Billie, right here in Holly Springs. I have been thrilled with Billie’s recent cakes. The aqua and purple were perfect to compliment the She hits it out of the park with colors as well as designing cakes rather than copying them. She also offers delivery, which makes it super easy for my clients who decide to go with her for the smash cake.


Cake Smash Photographer Raleigh


During the cake smash session, she made some ridiculously cute faces and had some adorable expressions. When she felt funny with the texture of the frosting and filling, she let us know about it. Haha!!

Cake Smash Photographer RaleighFirst birthday photographer Raleigh NC

Even though Bella didn’t do a  belly flop into the cake, she sure did have fun doing it. It’s always

First birthday photographer Raleigh NCFirst birthday photographer Raleigh NCRaleigh NC Cake Smash


After such a successful cake smash it was time for Bella to splish splash in the baby tub. At first she was a little confused, just like most of the babies who go from sugar to scrub. She liked the bath the most when we were blowing bubbles. For this portion of her session we opted to keep the banner up as well as her necklace and headband on. She was so fun and cute!


Raleigh NC Cake Smash PhotographerRaleigh NC First Birthday PhotographerRaleigh NC First Birthday PhotographerRaleigh NC First Birthday PhotographerRaleigh NC First Birthday Photographer

NC First Birthday Photographer | Raleigh, NC | Bri’s Cake Splash Preview


Ahhhhhhhhh!!! I just can’t get enough of these cake splash sessions!!!!! They are so so fun! Especially when there is edible gold glitter in the cake design!! Yes, you read that right, edible gold glitter. Layla Jones Bake Shop made a cute glitter crown as a cake topper. Bri was far more interested in the crown than she was for the most of hr cake, and thats OK because she was cute as a button. (Pssssssst, yes, it comes out with glitter, hahaha).

Raleigh first birthday photographerRaleigh first birthday photographerRaleigh first birthday photographerRaleigh cake smash

Even though she liked to eat and walk, which so many children do, we did luck out when she needed to sit because she made herself thirsty with all that running around. That is when I was able to get some cute snaps of her sitting with the cake. I just love her smile. And with all those little teeth…. PURE cuteness!

Cake Smash Photographer Raleigh NCCake Smash Photographer Raleigh NCFirst Birthday Photographer NCHolly Springs NC Photographer

Bri’s momma ran around the studio and worked hard very every single shot! Mom also designed most of the cake smash including her light pink tutu and those gold bows for her hair. They helped bring in more gold into the shoot, and with the gold cake stand, gold lettering on her onesie, gold glitter polka dots it seemed to really marry gold into the session a few different ways without making it look TOO gold.

NC Cake Smash PhotographerNC Cake Smash PhotographerFirst Birthday Photographer NCRaleigh cake smash

After she was clear to us that she was over the cake smash, it was time for a little splash. We changed the backdrop to keep the color pink, so I chose a much bolder pink and I LOVE the way it turned out. I loved that we kept the gold bows in her hair too. She was pretty serious during this session, but I think the bath was letting her relax and get a little sleepy. She sure did seem to enjoy it, especially when we had some bubbles. I have an battery operated bubble machine but I think it is a bit unruly and sometimes it makes so many bubbles so fast that it gets close to feeling like a 90’s from party! Haha.

1st Birthday Photographer Raleigh NC1st Birthday Photographer Raleigh NCHolly Springs NC Photographer

If you want more information on booking a First Birthday session, make sure you email me at tandtphotographync@gmail.com

Raleigh First Birthday Photographer | Cake Smash Photography | Raleigh NC | Harper is ONE!


I was blown away when Harper’s mom contacted me to schedule Harper’s first birthday cake smash session. How has it already been a FULL year?!? I’m not going to lie, I had to check and make sure. Haha! Sometimes a year flies by faster than we can ever imagine.

Raleigh First Birthday Photographer


Cake smash sessions can be so unpredictable. Many times, between the funny texture that frosting has along with the newly 1 year old’s ability to me mobile, ensures no session is the same. With Harper’s cake smash session, she wasn’t a huge fan of the cake but she didn’t mind the sugar buzz she got from eating it! It made some of her faces and expressions classic!!

Raleigh First Birthday Photographer

I have really become quite fond of the color combination pink and navy, and this cake smash session. This contrast of colors was an idea and vision that Harper’s mommy had for the session… and I am so glad she did. I was also thrilled to use this beautiful cake stand again. I think it is so elegant and gives a since of “girly”.

NC First Birthday PhotographerRaleigh Cake SmashHolly Springs NC PhotographerHolly Springs NC Photographer

Recently, I added a new option to cake smash sessions… They are called Cake SPLASH sessions. Right after the cake smash portion of the session, we bring out a baby tub, rubber duckies and sometimes some bubbles, and let the little one splash around until the get bored of that. It usually happens fast, because they are all hopped up on sugar and don’t care much to sit still. Haha. But Harper loved this part of her first birthday session. She made us laugh several times with her splashing. I couldn’t get enough of her ponytail on the top of her head and how it bounced around as she splashed. It makes me with we got video.

First Birthday Bath SessionFirst Birthday Bath SessionFirst Birthday Bath Session

Holly Springs NC Family Photographer | WRAL Azalea Gardens, Raleigh NC | Olshner Family Sneak Peek |

One of my absolute favorite things about being a family photographer is working with some of the same families over and over again. I love to see how much, and how fast kids grow, and this family was so exception to the rule. I haven’t worked with them in two year, but they quickly reminded me why I loved working with them so much the first time. They are so loving and kind to one another.

Holly Springs NC Photographer

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